Communication on WhatsApp made easy with B-connect

B-connect leverages WhatsApp to power business messaging and enable you to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders 24x7.

WhatsApp Commerce, The Next Commerce Revolution is Here

From easy browsing, convenient shopping, and quick payments to timely order updates and providing round-the-clock support, WhatsApp Commerce has every feature your business needs to make shopping a delightful experience for your customers and drive business growth.

Boost sales by improving supply chain visibility & transparency

Gain customer trust and drive loyalty by sharing your brand or product story on WhatsApp.

Types of Workflows

Trade Partner Workflows

Create digital-first workflows that help you expand reach and engagement with your trade partners.

Customer Workflows

Implement workflows that improve user experience leading to better outcomes. Select from workflows implemented by some of the largest organizations or create your own workflow with unmatched speed.

Employee Workflows

Replace manual and repetitive tasks with automated ones to improve work processes, save time, and enable your teams to focus more on high-value work.

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