A Complete End-To-End Partner Engagement Solution

with all trade partner workflows combined into one.

  • Trade Partner Workflows

WhatsApp Commerce

Enable WhatsApp commerce for your customers. Make it convenient for your customers to view catalogues and place orders directly from WhatsApp.

  • Customer Workflows

Social Media Chatbots for Consumer Campaigns

Run engaging consumer campaigns at scale with bots on social apps. Visit CampaignBird. WhatsApp and Bots are revolutionising the engagement across industries. Build engagement for your campaigns with WhatsApp bots to achieve your goals.

  • Customer Workflows

Corporate Social Responsibility

Make your CSR-ESG campaigns deliver measurable results. - Check CSR page Make your CSR dollars work harder and deliver the social impact that you always wanted.

  • Customer Workflows

Frontline Sales Team Training

Automate your frontline sales team training process to improve sales outcomes

  • Employee Workflows

Multi-Channel Customer Support

Let your customers connect and resolve their queries using multiple channels like WhatsApp, facebook messenger, website and mobile app.

  • Customer Workflows
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