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Some reasons to run trade schemes

To ensure product availability across distribution channels
To increase sales in the short term
To liquidate slow-moving stocks

Improving success odds for your trade schemes

It can be challenging to design and execute trade schemes that yield desired outcomes. We have been trying to understand the challenges that trade marketing teams face in designing and execution.

RetailBird, our trade engagement platform, helps you connect, communicate, collect information and send responses to trade partners as a part of the trade schemes management process. It helps you improve accessibility and user experience for your trade schemes.

Why do you need RetailBird?

Industry-leading scheme participation figures

Trade schemes on RetailBird see high participation from trade partners due to

Direct communication
Communication automation
Use of multiple channels like WhatsApp, SMS, QR Code, Missed call, etc.

Higher eligibility / participation conversion ratio

Trade schemes on RetailBird create more reward winners due to better user experience

WhatsApp chatbot to collect and deliver information
Language localization along with multiple content formats like Images, PDF and Videos
Automated push notifications on target/achievement, upcoming milestones, gift selection, dispatch, etc
Multiple customer support channels like chatbot and live chat on WhatsApp, Phone, Email, etc.

Tracking made easy

Dashboards can help you intervene to improve participation and engagement further

Low touch and high touch data points
Visualizations based on the success metric
User management to provide access and rights to the sales team

End-to-End trade scheme management

Seamless digital / physical reward experience
A dedicated client success manager.
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